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     After graduating from The Joseph Bulova School of Watchmakers in New York in 1988 John Lynch spent several years doing trade work for various jewelry and watch repair stores in central Mass. During this time he also took several courses from The Gemological Institute of America. In 1998 he opened a small, promising, store in his hometown of Lunenburg, Massachusetts. He spent nearly 20 years building his business there until he decided it was time to expand. In April of 2018 John moved the business up the road to a much larger, newly renovated building. With the help of his assistant Katie, his collection of inventory has grown immensely and they are able to offer a much larger selection of engagement rings, customized jewelry, watches and more!

     Nearly two decades in business later, John's main focus is still on providing a exceptional and professional experience to his customers. Over the years he has developed a very loving and loyal customer network based solely on their shared good word. Take a step in and you will find a friendly and delightfully surprising shop that offers everything from our famous "still six dollar watch batteries" to precious gems and diamond jewelry collected from all over the world.

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